Black Box Recognition I Ivar Veermäe

4 Dec

ivar_veermae_black_box_recognition500px (1)

Ivar Veermäe was born in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1982 and currently lives and works in both Tallinn and Berlin, Germany. He received a BA in photography from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2009 and continues his MA studies at Space Strategies department in Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.

He has had several solo exhibitions in Estonia and his work has been exhibited in group exhibitions at the Art Museum of Estonia, Art Hall of Tallinn, the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistic in Berlin, the Sociale Verzekeringsbank in Holland, the Kulturhuset Bronden in Denmark. He has participated with perfomances in Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin and in Month of  Performance Art Berlin in ACUD Theater. His videos are being screened in various
screenings at the AND Festival in Manchester, Crosstalk festival in Budapest, and in Virtual Memorial, Cambodia.
Most of his work is dealing with the issues of public space (city space and space in internet), networks, new media and group behaviour. He has also worked on several public space installation and performative projects. 

Artist statement:
The main focus in my work is dealing with the issues of public space and group behaviour. I think that public space reflects directly or indirectly on processes in society and it is constantly changing. In the time of „ubiquitous computing“ also the meaning of public space is changing. When boundaries between private and public blur, the space could be redefined as an accessible space. In my work process I use photography and video as well performative and interfering tactics, like public space installations. Also I´m trying to find and use connections between city space and virtual space. The goal of my work is to analyze the actions and processes in these spaces.

In the exhibition “Black Box Recognition” i´m creating a dialogue between my two new works “re_cogniton” and “Kurfürstendamm 26”.

Kurfürstendamm 26” deals with emergence of big consumer electronics companies, whose products are well designed and function as easy-to-use surfaces. By using technological objects, consumers are gaining information, but also creating valuable data for network and technology companies. The functioning-mechanisms of these companes could be seen metaphorically as black boxes, which in science and engieneering are defined as devices or systems, which can be viewed in terms of their input and output, without knowing about their internal workings.

Video installation “re_cognition” is based on storage I secretly filmed in public transport and other temporary places in Germany, Sweden and Estonia. Lenght of the gaze in public transport is emotionally affected, possibly creating weird moment, when lasting too long. Use of “smart” technology in public space is growing and it is creating huge amounts of GPS, search and other data, which is stored in some “black boxes”= data centers. Storing visual information in public space without agreement from those, who are stored, is not allowed for private persons. On the other hand, it is allowed for state and private companies, who are owning surveillance systems. With “re_cognition” im drawing attention to facial recognition technologies, used in surveillance systems and also social networks. It is growing tendency, which will be used for security or personalized advertising in big shopping centers for example. I want to draw attention to the notion of existence of state or privately ownded “black boxes”.



Brandon Miller I Sarsaparillamusic

4 Dec



Bananza I Anita Bahr & max Merget

4 Dec


AUTHENTIC BOYS Hanging out in time and space / ANDREA LANGE Shadow places follow the light

12 Jun



Exhibition opening: 15.06. 2012, 20:00 h I Concert 22:00 h

Exhibition duration: 15.06.2012 – 15.07.2012


Authentic Boys

Authentic Boys is an international collective of artists: the performers Gregory Stauffer and Johannes Dullin (Geneva/Berlin) and the filmmakers Boris van Hoof and Aaike Stuart (Rotterdam/Berlin). The group has been experimenting with the interconnections between film, the visual arts and theater for the last five years. The most varied of works were created in this period, all of them based on an intuitive, humorous approach to the direct surroundings. Their works can be seen in theaters, art spaces and at film festivals. Hanging out in Time and Space shows the video works Idiophone, In Character and Holidays in Geneva.


Andrea Lange

Andrea Lange is a young Berlin based artist. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts, department Multimedia, in 2009. Shadow places follow the light is a very recent audiovisual performance that will take you to a world of creation and destruction. An experimental sound collage will be created only to perceive some space for some time. For that experience A. L. uses self built electronic devices and transports sounds of her journey in South Asia.

The Exhibition is part of the 48 Hours Neukölln festival, the biggest cultural Festival in Berlin.

It has been kindly supported by Tanqueray London Dry Gin.


23 Mar

Exhibition duration: 24.03.2012- 5.05.2012

Exhibition opening: 24th March 2012, 7 pm

                                    performance by Billy Daskind, 9:30 pm

Imagine … You enter an airy, spacious bathroom. Elegant colored marble surrounds you, and assorted greenery adds to the sense of freshness and well-being. Start the spa bath, and put on your favorite CD. Now lay back and relax in the fragrant bubbles. You feel peaceful and alive…

(Introduction to the perfect bathroom design by

o.T. Projektraum is pleased to present VANITY UNIT, a solo project by the French artist Antoine Renard (1984, currently living in Berlin). For this exhibition, Renard relocated a part of his bathroom inside the gallery space, thus shifting his artistic investigations to the concept of seduction, with a particular interest for hygienic devices, as ambivalent tools of control and subversion.

Antoine Renard graduated from Ensa-dijon in 2008. Recent exhibitions include: A Skeleton in the Closet 2 – curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel (Athens, Greece); CAMPUS – curated by Lattitudes (Barcelona, Spain); Berlin Peplum – curated by PMgalerie (Berlin, Germany); First Kreuzberg Biennale (Berlin, Germany); Exhibition Loop (Perth, Australia) and De l’impertinence (Amiens, France).

The exhibition has been kindly sponsored by JAMESON Irish whiskey


3 Jan

Exhibition opening: 6th January.2012, 19h
Exhibition duration: 7th January 2012 – 22nd January 2012

Prophecy is the first solo exhibition by American Evan Swisher. Taking the form of a collection of work created over recent months, Prophecy is a unique exploration of a new age of information and data processed through investigative research.

Deeply interested in the profusion of information available in the Digital Age and its impact on the private and public self, Swisher has (com)posed text pieces, compositions and animations that assemble hisfindings, investigations, reflections and concentric search dérives online. Swisher’s works are shaped by a philosophical outlook poetically linked to self representation and spiritual knowledge, the balances struck within boundaries between the individual and society, the scientific and the mystical, participation and disassociation.

Curated by Kandis Williams, the exhibition will also be accompanied by a catalogue published by Broken Dimanche Press.

Evan Swisher (b.1985) is from Bennington, Vermont. He is currently based in Berlin. Swisher studied Social Thought and Political Economy at the University of Massachusetts, and now works as copy editor for Conditions Magazine, 032c and berlin art journal.

NOEMIE MERONO I Portrait of an unhealthy beauty and still life images

19 Nov

Exhibition opening: 25.11.2011, 20:00 H

Exhibition duration: 26.11.2011 – 17.12.2011
Artist Statement
I do not rank as an artist but as an illustrator.
I have no artistic concept, I reproduce the images that interest me, I associate and transform them so they tell a new story.

The result is a mixture, a mass, whose elements overlap, break and answer, where most singular details, hidden in this cluster appear. This sweltering and chaotic accumulation gives to the incongruous elements their importance.

This confusion tends to create discomfort and unease that express my feelings, my report to the representation to images. It is a work on the opposition between pleasure and displeasure, beautiful and ugly, and the notion of aesthetics.