Josep Maynou and Arturo Steele are an artistic duo working in Media Art with a specific focus on remixed and repurposed audiovisual media. They produce under the name Maynou & Steele. The research and artistic production of Maynou & Steele demonstrates that remix cinema is a necessary and relevant form of cultural production and “re-production”. To deconstruct culture and to analyze, critique and build it anew, with fresh ideas, desires, hopes and dreams is to encourage intelligent and creative interaction with our world in a way which proposes sustainability and
artistic freedom.

Art in Progress

Video | 16’ 24’’ | 2009

Appropriating filmic elements which are decontextualized and reused for a new purpose, Art in progress plays with the practice of assembling and disassembling footage to create a new movie which emphasizes the process of creation. It is a movie in which the work itself, not the finished product, becomes the main theme. Scene after scene the viewer witnesses the never-ending construction of something which never comes to fruition. Art in progress is a reflection on theft, copying, authenticity and contemporary methods of art production.


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