Ljupcho Temelkovski (b. 1979 Bitola, Macedonia) holds Bachelor of Art and Applied Photography, NATFA, Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently he attends the Experimental Media Design studies at UDK, Berlin, Germany. He realized several solo exhibitions ( Prima Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany („Innocent illusion“, B/W prints); NATFA, Sofia, Bulgaria („Industrial landscapes“, Cprints); Museum Bitola, Macedonia („Innocent illusion“ , B/W prints )) and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and screenings ( Südost Europa Cultural Center, Berlin („Innocent illusion“, B/W prints); Studenski-Center, Zagreb („untitled“, C-prints); Video in Progress 3, Ljubljana („Travelator“, Video); SIMULTAN video and media arts festival, Timisoara (“Travelator”, Video); All Art Now 1st International Video Art Festival, Damascus (“Travelator”, Video)).


Virtual consciousness

Video | 4’ 36’’| 2009

This video is an investigation into moments of faith, passivity and consent within what
might be everyday interactions. We see three seemingly unconnected “rituals” and their preparation. They could almost be everyday interactions, but they drift away from the mundane, becoming strange acts of the highest symbolic order.


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