Joaneke Lamoraal-Wichers (b. 1982) In 2009 graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In the last year she participated in a research about ways of presenting art books for Archief Synergie and made a movie for the opening of a bookshop in Rotterdam. She had several exhibitions, such as a group exhibition with several
young designers and artists in Aalsmeer and a solo exhibition in the central library of Rotterdam. She is currently living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Video – color/sound | 2’52’’ | 2008

Johanneke Lamoraal- Wichers’ work often reflects on the body and its position in time and space. Her artistic focus is vested on the moment when it’s there or not there; the conscious and unconscious. A central question is if the body and the mind are always in the same time en space. To research this topic, Lamoraal- Wichers makes use of more different media, as interactive video work, graphic work and photography. Text and images are often combined.


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