Evan Swisher (b.1985) is from Bennington, Vermont. He is currently based in Berlin. Swisher studied Social Thought and Political Economy at the University of Massachusetts, and now works as copy editor for Conditions Magazine, 032c and berlin art journal.



Prophecy is the first solo exhibition by American Evan Swisher. Taking the form of a collection of work created over recent months, Prophecy is a unique exploration of a new age of information and data processed through investigative research. Deeply interested in the profusion of information available in the Digital Age and its impact on the private and public self, Swisher has (com)posed text pieces, compositions and animations that assemble hisfindings, investigations, reflections and concentric search dérives online. Swisher’s works are shaped by a philosophical outlook poetically linked to self representation and spiritual knowledge, the balances struck within boundaries between the individual and society, the scientific and the mystical, participation and disassociation. Curated by Kandis Williams, the exhibition will also be accompanied by a catalogue published by Broken Dimanche Press.