Driton Hajredini (b. 1970) is a visual artist based in Pristina, Kosovo and Münster, Germany. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Prishtina, and at Kunst Akademie in Münster at the Department for Visual Arts in the class of Daniele Buetti (2006).

Somewhere in Pristina

Video – color/sound | 3’44’’ | 2003

The story in his video “Somewhere in Pristina” (2003, 4 min.) is both simple and mundane. Driton Hajredini enters an unidentified local video rental store somewhere
in Pristina to get a movie for the evening. Gradually, this domestic episode turns into a totally absurd situation. The video is filled with delicate semantic hints: the pirated VHS copies of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster cycle, the dialogue that is being conducted in the same tone and format used for the lightweight U.S. comedies. Driton Hajredini builds his critical position by merging fiction and reality. In the credits, and to cement the culture shock, the author offers his apologies to all Hollywood stars – probably because he actually is uninterested in their eternal commercial might.


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