Dragana Zarevska (b. 1985) is a visual artist, often involved in dance and performing arts. She graduated film directing at NBU in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007, and currently she is attending a MA in Communication and Media in Skopje, Macedonia. Zarevska is working primarily with video/ film and graphic art. Her work can be described as “minimal expressions”, characterized by simplicity with a streak of dark humor. She is currently living and working in Skopje, Macedonia.

In Our Village

10 photographs on forex | each 10 x 13 cm | 2010

This series of graphic tales are about one nasty village not very far from the city that has a lot of style and character. The inhabitants of the village are not very much into post-modernism because post-modernism does not help in the process of seeding, harvesting or milking the goats. They are anthropomorphically absent in the pieces, but it is still obvious that their (dogmatic) agenda is being applied 24/7. This work is made in collaboration with Maria Dacheva (Bulgaria).


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