Exhibition: Handmade books by Bisera Krckovska & Izabela Bajaska





“Idleness means you have no particular goal in mind and thus you can be easily distracted”

Not being busy, not being employed is readily equated to being lazy, which is why the term has had a somewhat negative connotation. The puritan doctrine of the proverb “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” expresses this belief that having too much time on your hands without any occupation is almost considered a sin.

Even psychological research seems to confirm that people aren’t comfortable with being left alone with themselves. Alas, some would even prefer taking electric shocks, than having to spend 15 minutes entertaining themselves with nothing but their own thoughts. We, on the contrary, like to slip into idleness. Embracing reflection, daydreaming and introspection, we too created our own little workshop. And this is what came out of it.

“Idle Minds” is a self-commissioned creative experiment which deftly balances drawings, collages, embossing and poetry. Packed in two handmade books in limited editions of 15 copies each, this project rounds up a few-months’ collaboration.

It is a symbiosis of repetitive, overlapping layers of text and images as single ‘clean’ segments, compiled in a figurative entity. Conceptually, each book is composed of four sets of drawings, collages and embossing, which form a bound polyptych. Each element or layer – i.e. a poem or graphic expression – captures a certain ambient of an ongoing mental stream at given moments, while playing with patterned visual and poetic representations.

The poems and the visual sets do not aim to depict or narrate the authors’ inner-selves, since they do not believe in an inner-self as a constant, consistent and describable entity. Instead, this project is a modest attempt to come up with creative ways to express and put to paper certain inner moods, atmospheres, repetitive streams and idle narratives.



Oktober 2015


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