Festival Text:

This year´s main topic is „FEMINISM TODAY“. Everyone is invited to collaborately create a diverse, controversial and vivid collage to the theme by different perspectives, artworks of all formats and active contribution of individual point of views. This collage will illuminate the topic by a colorful mixture of ideas, opinions and artistic creations.

The historical journey of feminism reaches from the first women´s movement 150 years ago through the political and artistic feminism of the 1960s and 1970s to today´s plurality of trends, where feministic self-assertion meets femininity, self-confident erotic and sex appeal. Globally seen, the spectrum contains societies like ours, where gender equality is more or less guaranteed by constitution and societies where women today still have to fight for basic civil rights. Not least, today´s feminism can be found in various forms in our society like a political campaign slogan, self-staging pop divas or as commercialization of the female body in common advertising.

The festival presents a broad variety of different perspectives and opinions to the topic of „FEMINISM TODAY“ and includes besides the point of view of women as well the one of men.s, performances, live music, talks, films and more throughout Neukölln, there will be plenty of chances for everyone to create together.

November 2016


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