Exhibition duration: 24.04.2012- 5.05.2012


                                    performance by Billy Daskind, 9:30 pm

Imagine … You enter an airy, spacious bathroom. Elegant colored marble surrounds you, and assorted greenery adds to the sense of freshness and well-being. Start the spa bath, and put on your favorite CD. Now lay back and relax in the fragrant bubbles. You feel peaceful and alive…

(Introduction to the perfect bathroom design by AbathroomGuide.com)

o.T. Projektraum is pleased to present VANITY UNIT, a solo project by the French artist Antoine Renard (1984, currently living in Berlin). For this exhibition, Renard relocated a part of his bathroom inside the gallery space, thus shifting his artistic investigations to the concept of seduction, with a particular interest for hygienic devices, as ambivalent tools of control and subversion.

Antoine Renard graduated from Ensa-dijon in 2008. Recent exhibitions include: A Skeleton in the Closet 2 – curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel (Athens, Greece); CAMPUS – curated by Lattitudes (Barcelona, Spain); Berlin Peplum – curated by PMgalerie (Berlin, Germany); First Kreuzberg Biennale (Berlin, Germany); Exhibition Loop (Perth, Australia) and De l’impertinence (Amiens, France).


The exhibition has been kindly sponsored by JAMESON Irish whiskey


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