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11 Nov




11 Nov

Feminist artists from various fields present under-represented and lesser known voices. The margins contain realities and bodies that rarely come to light, that are rarely heard above the noise of the dominant forces in our society. But now we are fighting back and taking back the light. With sound, visual art, live performances and singing.

With: Shanti Suki Osman, Dafne Della Dafne, Zara Verity Morris, Rosanna Lovell, Mary Beth Volker & Ana van Ferdez.



Part of 48 Hours Neukölln

More info: Late Nights in Squat Bars


14 Jan

Date: November 2016





Festival Text:

This year´s main topic is „FEMINISM TODAY“. Everyone is invited to collaborately create a diverse, controversial and vivid collage to the theme by different perspectives, artworks of all formats and active contribution of individual point of views. This collage will illuminate the topic by a colorful mixture of ideas, opinions and artistic creations.

The historical journey of feminism reaches from the first women´s movement 150 years ago through the political and artistic feminism of the 1960s and 1970s to today´s plurality of trends, where feministic self-assertion meets femininity, self-confident erotic and sex appeal. Globally seen, the spectrum contains societies like ours, where gender equality is more or less guaranteed by constitution and societies where women today still have to fight for basic civil rights. Not least, today´s feminism can be found in various forms in our society like a political campaign slogan, self-staging pop divas or as commercialization of the female body in common advertising.

The festival presents a broad variety of different perspectives and opinions to the topic of „FEMINISM TODAY“ and includes besides the point of view of women as well the one of men.s, performances, live music, talks, films and more throughout Neukölln, there will be plenty of chances for everyone to create together.


14 Jan

Exhibition: group show featuring visual art, sound, photography and film

Artists: Zara Verity Morris,

Helin Bereket,

Gelya Bogatishcheva,

Mary Beth Volker,

Ana van Ferdez,

Late Nights In Squat Bars

Performance: Late Nights In Squat Bars, Fri & Sat, 9pm.

Date: June 2016



Photography by Helen Bereket


Late Nights In Squat Bars: Buy Consume Me! In this week’s show our trusted hosts give you a good dose of everything you need to get through your consuming day. From fashion and cooking advice to traffic updates and current events, you’ll be well equipped for your consuming success!

Late Nights In Squat Bars are a performing and curating duo. FOR SALE is their 3rd group show at 48 Stunden Neukölln.

A conversation with Imaan

14 Jan

Comedy show: Imaan Hadziti

Date: June 2016



14 Jan

Exhibition: Photography & Texts by Nafarat

Date: November 2015 – April 2016



The so-called Refugees are arriving to Berlin in numbers that the state seems unable to cope with. The public is split in its opinion. Being aware of the crisis situation, what can artists bring to the discussion? Where can they engage? How could they make a difference?

One of the things we can do, is to try to give a voice back to us, the people, to give ourselves a chance to understand what we are all living, and most of all to give ourselves a chance to experience it together. We decided to give voices to humans and humanity, to make the people appear and the empty slogans disappear. We think the festival format is best to allow as much dialogue as possible to emerge.

“11 Nafar and 1 human”

(Nafar in arabic is the one without name, without right, it is a number in the mass, and it is how the smugglers are calling their clients, in arabic. “He is only a pocket of money”).

We are a group of 12 people, 12 young persons full of hope and dreams, that met in Syria or in Turkey, and decided to go together to Europe. In the group, there is a doctor, a judge, 2 architects, a lawyer, 1 painter, 1 designer, a film maker, a social worker, a cook, an actor and a first-aider. Half of the group couldn’t continue their studies because of the war. Most of them escaped to Turkey some years before the decision to try their chance and cross the sea. But staying in Turkey means accepting to stay where there is no opportunity to work legally or to study. It means accepting to wait, only wait, for the situation to change. But our youth won’t last that long. In the group there are 11 Syrians and one French. For her, with her passport, the borders are open. In this system she is a human, she has the right and the possibility to be wherever she wants to. For different reasons, but with the common will of living this experience all together, we left Istanbul and are now on our way to a country where the nafarats could be humans again. At least, this is the goal.


Idle Minds

14 Jan

Exhibition: Handmade books by Bisera Krckovska & Izabela Bajaska

Date: Oktober 2015




“Idleness means you have no particular goal in mind and thus you can be easily distracted”

Not being busy, not being employed is readily equated to being lazy, which is why the term has had a somewhat negative connotation. The puritan doctrine of the proverb “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” expresses this belief that having too much time on your hands without any occupation is almost considered a sin.

Even psychological research seems to confirm that people aren’t comfortable with being left alone with themselves. Alas, some would even prefer taking electric shocks, than having to spend 15 minutes entertaining themselves with nothing but their own thoughts. We, on the contrary, like to slip into idleness. Embracing reflection, daydreaming and introspection, we too created our own little workshop. And this is what came out of it.

“Idle Minds” is a self-commissioned creative experiment which deftly balances drawings, collages, embossing and poetry. Packed in two handmade books in limited editions of 15 copies each, this project rounds up a few-months’ collaboration.

It is a symbiosis of repetitive, overlapping layers of text and images as single ‘clean’ segments, compiled in a figurative entity. Conceptually, each book is composed of four sets of drawings, collages and embossing, which form a bound polyptych. Each element or layer – i.e. a poem or graphic expression – captures a certain ambient of an ongoing mental stream at given moments, while playing with patterned visual and poetic representations.

The poems and the visual sets do not aim to depict or narrate the authors’ inner-selves, since they do not believe in an inner-self as a constant, consistent and describable entity. Instead, this project is a modest attempt to come up with creative ways to express and put to paper certain inner moods, atmospheres, repetitive streams and idle narratives.