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VERNISSAGE 15.3.2018 19H

art performance by Wynton Kelly Stevenson with special guest Elena Page

FINISSAGE 5.4.2018 19H

art performance by Those Guys Berlin

Opening Hours: Daily 18H – 22H

Local musician and artist Wynton Kelly Stevenson combines found vinyl and acrylic paint to revise spin art. Pressing and drilling acrylic paint into vinyl the artist brings the old to the new. The series of vinyl artworks is another exploration into the world of unique mediums. Following the art show a coffee table book containing brilliant, full colour images of the entire set with accompanying poster mount will be born.





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VERNISSAGE 14.2.2018 19H

FINISSAGE 8.3.2018 19H



Last night I saw David Bowie naked.

He was so beautiful.

Despite his bony-being he felt incredibly smooth.

I asked him whether he was more into men or women.

He revealed his secret to me.

While my passed-away granny was listening in her usual standing position, hands folded in her back like a servant, when I turned my face to her, I looked into a thirteen-years old teenager face.

A question came to my mind, I wanted to ask David.

Suddenly he had long hair and a beard and was wearing a robe with a crucifix around his neck.

His aura was shining so bright that I was blinded; my eyes cried.

Too bright.

Need to close my eyes.



A pop-Up Exhibition by 45 students from Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland

On Friday 2 February 2018 a one night pop-up show of art-work by forty five students will open at O.T. Projektraum.

The students are based at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and are enrolled on both the Contemporary Art Practice and Painting courses.

Every year, Gray’s students have the opportunity to take a trip abroad and be immersed fully in a contemporary art scene for a week. Previous study trips have been to Skopje, Macedonia, Vienna and Tallinn, Estonia. On each of these trips participants were encouraged to encounter and explore contemporary art in an unfamiliar city and respond to it, and engage with the people they have met, through a one-night exhibition at the end of the trip.

These trips are entirely democratically organised; students choose in Scotland where they would like to go, and staff work with them to make the trip happen and to try to shape their developing ideas over the course of the week.

The resulting exhibition is a brief snapshot of what the students have learned and how they have chosen to engage with new circumstances.

Critical to the learning process is an affiliated lecture programme, which will also be held at OT Projektraum. Three artists at varying stages of their career, based in Berlin, will introduce the students to their work and concepts, and discuss how they have managed to keep an independent practice going in a city saturated with art and culture. These lectures, delivered in English, are also open to any members of the pubic who may be interested.

Lecture Programme

Monday 29th January

1900 Mila Panić

Tuesday 30th January

1900 Jasna Dimitrovska

1930 Jelena Fuzinato


Exhibition by students from Gray’s School of Art

Artist talks by Mila Panic, Jasna Dimitrovska and Jelena Fuzinato


Feminist artists from various fields present under-represented and lesser known voices. The margins contain realities and bodies that rarely come to light, that are rarely heard above the noise of the dominant forces in our society. But now we are fighting back and taking back the light. With sound, visual art, live performances and singing.

With: Shanti Suki Osman, Dafne Della Dafne, Zara Verity Morris, Rosanna Lovell, Mary Beth Volker & Ana van Ferdez.



Part of 48 Hours Neukölln

More info: Late Nights in Squat Bars

June 2017








Festival Text:

This year´s main topic is „FEMINISM TODAY“. Everyone is invited to collaborately create a diverse, controversial and vivid collage to the theme by different perspectives, artworks of all formats and active contribution of individual point of views. This collage will illuminate the topic by a colorful mixture of ideas, opinions and artistic creations.

The historical journey of feminism reaches from the first women´s movement 150 years ago through the political and artistic feminism of the 1960s and 1970s to today´s plurality of trends, where feministic self-assertion meets femininity, self-confident erotic and sex appeal. Globally seen, the spectrum contains societies like ours, where gender equality is more or less guaranteed by constitution and societies where women today still have to fight for basic civil rights. Not least, today´s feminism can be found in various forms in our society like a political campaign slogan, self-staging pop divas or as commercialization of the female body in common advertising.

The festival presents a broad variety of different perspectives and opinions to the topic of „FEMINISM TODAY“ and includes besides the point of view of women as well the one of men.s, performances, live music, talks, films and more throughout Neukölln, there will be plenty of chances for everyone to create together.

November 2016


Exhibition: group show featuring visual art, sound, photography and film

Artists: Zara Verity Morris,

Helin Bereket,

Gelya Bogatishcheva,

Mary Beth Volker,

Ana van Ferdez,

Late Nights In Squat Bars

Performance: Late Nights In Squat Bars, Fri & Sat, 9pm.



Photography by Helen Bereket


Late Nights In Squat Bars: Buy Consume Me! In this week’s show our trusted hosts give you a good dose of everything you need to get through your consuming day. From fashion and cooking advice to traffic updates and current events, you’ll be well equipped for your consuming success!

Late Nights In Squat Bars are a performing and curating duo. FOR SALE is their 3rd group show at 48 Stunden Neukölln.

June 2016